Company Name: JMoon Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
From - To: April 2013 - present
Designation: Founder and Director

Company name registered on May 30, 2013. Company incorporated on July 2, 2013.
Company is currently a distributor of TowerPro, DAGU, Robotis, and a few indian suppliers.
RoboRium.com, JMoon L.A.B.S. and JMoon MakerSpace are units of JMoon Technologies.
R&D: JMoonLabs.com | fb.com/JMoonLABS
Robotic Store: RoboRium.com| fb.com/RoboRium
MakerSpace: JMoonMaker.space| fb.com/JMoonMakerSpace| fb.com/groups/JMoonMakerSpace
MakerMandi: MakerMandi.com | fb.com/MakerMandi | twitter.com/MakerMandi

Company Name: Dexter Industries
From - To: May 2012 - January 2013
Designation: Remote Intern
Project 1 : GPS Shield for Arduino
1. Programming of the GPS module by Dexter Industries' (dGPS) to receive and parse incoming NMEA sentences like GPRMC and GPGGA. Displaying the received data (number of satellites in use, HDOP, altitude above sea level and checksum, etc.) from these sentences and derived data (calculated sentence checksum, distance and azimuth to destination) to the user
2. Updating previous GPS library files to be compatible with Arduino version 1.0.1.
3. Creating example codes and documentation, with details on how to use the dGPS with the library files in Arduino. Available Online  

Project 2 : Wi-Fi Shield for Lego Mindstorms NXT
Details: Testing of websocket programs in ROBOTC, for controlling Lego Mindstorms NXT by using Dexter Industries' WiFi Shield for NXT. Available Online  

Project 3 : Tutorial for RobotC
Details: Writing a detailed 'How To' tutorial- “Using Debugger Stream in RobotC”, and example code for working with the Debug Stream in ROBOTC. Available Online  

Project 4 : Wi-Fi Shield for Arduino
1. Creating library and example codes for creating TCP Client, TCP Server, Echo Server, Cosm Client, Twitter Client, Web Clients, and Web Server using Dexter Industries' WiFi Shield for Arduino, with detailed documentation. Available Online 
2. Creating detailed online manual for the library and example codes. Available Online 
3. Creating code for hardware checking of the WiFi Shield.